Monthly Archives: June 2013

BarCamp Berkshire II

Today brought an amazing session of 3D printing outreach, at BarCamp Berkshire II, an ‘unconference’, hackathon and general congregation of geekery at the 02 Telefonica headquarters in Slough.

I had so many great conversations with people seriously interested in 3D printing, and was able to demo my RepRap in action printing TVRRUG parts.



MAKE: Adventures in 3D Printing at Oxford Uni

IMG_9224 IMG_9216Today I visited Oxford University Computing Service, to give a talk as part of their MAKE: series of lunchtime lectures



The first iteration of ‘Nozzle-cam’, a basic webcam, stripped to its PCB and attached to the back of the X-carriage, went down very well, as did the range of objects I brought along which had been 3D printed using a variety of different additive manufacturing processes, such as SLS and stereolithography, as well as FDM, and exotic new materials from Materialize, courtesy of Wendy in TVRRUG.